Thank you for your interest in booking Fells Meadows! When you book the farmhouse you have it privately. There may be guests in cabins if you do not have the property exclusively.

There is a 10% discount for booking 4-6 days and 15% for bookings a week or longer. 

If you are a retreat group and booking the property for 2023 or 2024 you must book through Fells Meadows versus on the platform.

For Haven Bookings - These are closed until May 1st, 2024. Individuals or couples wishing to book a haven (cabin or wall tent)as of May 1 2024 will be able to do so as of April 2024.

Need help with your booking or have questions?
We are glad to help with retreat group bookings or for your booking if you are having trouble doing it on the platform. Please contact us with your details at Contact us.  If you have specific dates in mind please check the platform for availability.

Booking the farmhouse and/or full property
To book, put in the dates you are interested in. Green means the farmhouse is available. You can also see availability by scrolling with the arrows. When booking the farmhouse you have the option to also book cabins and/or the yurt.

We are happy to offer our guests the option to reserve the entire property for their group. To do so, select the exclusivity option from the list of “extras”. If you do not click on the exclusivity option, there may be other guests staying in the cabins on the property. However there is no need to pay the exclusivity fee for a private property booking from Nov 15, 2022 until April 30, 2023 as the cabins will be closed.

Cabins Only
The havens are not available until May 1st. You will be able to book on the platform as of April 2024, possibly a bit earlier.

Redeeming a gift card?
If you have a gift card you would like to use towards your booking please Contact us. with the gift card code as well as the building and the potential dates you are interested in booking.