Welcome to Fells Meadows

We appreciate that you have chosen to come to Fells Meadows. We are blessed to be nestled in the heart of the rolling hills of Northumberland County. It’s truly a pleasure for us to host your stay. We offer you over 100 acres on which to restore, be inspired and commune with nature.

Fells Meadows Trail - 2.4 km cumulative climb 104 m
A bit of a climb to a small elevation with a spectacular viewpoint and the stone labyrinth. Continue on through the forest and back ridge looping back through the forest and meadow.

Pratt View Trail - 1.1 km
A short, sweet walk along the black walnuts, past the yurt and some of the haven buildings. It goes through the young red pines alongside the east perimeter adjacent to the pasture where the cows graze. (In honour of our neighbour Bill Pratt)

Peepers Trail - 1.48 km
A short loop through the seasonal wetlands and a small part of the back ridge. From fall until late spring you’ll likely need your goulashes! Awesome in the spring with the peepers.

Elder Maple Trail
An unfinished trail by the large maple trees leading to the far south of the property.

Connecting Trails

Owl Trail - Bypasses the havens and yurt going directly to the Sacred Truth Tree and towards the heart and forest. It’s named for the inhabitants seen here at times.

Mid Forest Fairy Trail - A short whimsical trail full of moss bypassing going to the back ridge.

Bungalow Trail
Leads to the bungalow, Leslie’s residence.

*Red flags near trails indicate poison ivy is nearby


1 The Farmhouse
2 Barn
3 Large Barn /Barn Kitchen
4 Rainbow Haven(Safari Wall Tent)
5 Yurt
6 Havens’ Hub
7 White Pine Haven (Bunkie)
8 Meadow Outhouse
9 Haven in the Meadow
10 Haven on the Hilltop
11 Hilltop Outhouse
12 Bungalow/Private Leslie’s Residence


1 Parking
2 Extra Parking
3 Staff & Volunteer Parking
4 Chartres Stone Labyrinth
5 Firepit
6 Sacred Truth Tree
7 Heart of the Land
8 Seasonal Stream
9 Wetlands
10 Fairy Forest

Fells Meadows Property Map


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